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No Man Blood un libro Che tutti Devono leggere.

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3/20/2017 6:10 AM
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Finalmente proghesiamo .

"Good morning, Dr. Lapin." The intensive care unit nurse was abnormally chipper for just having drawn the shift assignment for a holiday weekend.
"Morning, Susie, how was Mrs. Murtock?"
"You look tired. Did you stay here again last night?" She handed him Mrs. Murtock's chart and smiled. It was the smile of understanding, When That many people in the hospital shared with him. At least Those That had the vaguest idea of ​​what this man was about.
Lapin took The chart, ran his hand through His call black hair and smile back. "There's no place like home." His accent was still thick, very rich.
Susie smiles again, "you are too much." Then she took her head and went off to check another patient's IV.
Lapin's gait was totally confident, erect, as he took the few short steps to the patient's room.
"I know, Mrs. Murtock ... How are you feeling this morning?"
"Can I go home now?" She was half serious.
Lapin Studied the monitors and ivy devices as he spoke ... "Let you get away from me this soon? I've been looking for a woman like you all my life." The bedside manner bridge the gap between Their 45 year age difference and cemented her confidence in the man who only hours earlier had held her life in his hands. The vital signs were good, stable. The blood count was slowly rising. Mrs. Murtock would live to see 81. Map and had given her the greatest gift of all ... Life.
Unnecessary procedural discussion with the hospital administrator, several impromptu hallway consultations with other staff positions, and Lapin was through for the day. That of course pending emergencies were becoming a regular and expected factor in this hectically scheduled life.
He stepped outside and inhaled His First breath of fresh air for over 28 hours. And it felt good, it felt great, even though the smog was slowly crawling its way inland. It stung His Eyes like a lingering ammonia.
By the time Lapin Reached the San Diego Freeway and turned onto the entrance leading north, the smog was worse, much thicker. It hung motionless like a patchwork quilt covering Los Angeles up ahead and to His right. It was thicker than usual for a Labor Day weekend. Most factories were closed for the holiday, but the INCREASE in cars as the masses try to escape the city and the lack of hoped for Santa Ana winds created an air quality index That sent asthma victims searching for hospitals and pure oxygen.
CONTINUA a la 3 p.
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