Death Is It Really the End?

00Thursday, July 5, 2012 8:23 PM
Why Do We Fear Death?

“Death is the most terrible of all things; for it is the end.”—Aristotle.

SHE was regarded by her peers as a pious woman, a true believer. Some even called her “a pillar of her church.” She was taught that death was not really the end but, rather, a passage to the afterlife. Yet, when her own death seemed imminent, she became overwhelmed by fear. Plagued by doubts, the woman asked her spiritual counselor, “There are so many [beliefs about what happens at death]; how do you know which is the right one?”

Virtually every religion and society has embraced the notion that humans continue to exist, or will exist again, after death. Among the many beliefs, which one is true? Many people doubt the existence of an afterlife altogether. What about you? Have you been taught that human life continues after death? Do you believe that it does? Do you fear death?

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